I remember like it was yesterday. My Mum and Dad split when i was 10 years old, throwing vicious punches at each other right in front of me and my brothers. We were just standing there.. eating an icee.. watching. Happened at our front door.. ill never forget. Right before mom walked out the door, my dad yelled angrily 'WHAT ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN?".. Her - “William i'm Leaving you!” ... She walked out.

Didn't think i cared much.. but that was the beginning to a life of distrust, hurt, depression and loneliness. 

My names tuku, close friends call me T.k (or any insult they can come up with). I help broken people heal through urban music. 

Have you ever Felt Lost? Depressed? Unmotivated? Lied To or Betrayed?  then this music is for you. Its ALSO for you if you like to TURN UP at home, in the car, on the weeknd, etc! Im not just some sad fuck, im a sad ENTERTAINING fuck. So come into my world, and i promise i'll make you feel things you didn't even know you could feel.(i mean this in the most NON SEXUAL way FYI!)

www.sweetdepression.com , go here now.. put your email in.. and you'll be welcomed into my secret, hidden world. See you on the other side